Track comments as Github issues

Toodle automatically captures // todo comments in code and converts them into GitHub issues.

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How it works

Allow your developers to better organize their work and ensure important tasks aren't lost in the codebase 😱. Developers can easily add labels, assignees, and due dates to their todo items, making it easy to manage and track their progress.

Automatic tracking

Toodle monitors comments merged to your default branch. Whenever code is push containing any permutation of todo, fixme, bug or hack, it will create a new issue using the comment and surrounding code.


Configure your way

Watch out for @ts-ignore and eslint-disable statements by extending Toodle to catch errors form typescript, eslint or anything you can think of.

How to extend

To extend Toodle to track any additional comment prefixes, you will need to create a configuration file in the .github directory called toodlerc.json. This file should contain key-value pairs, where the keys are the custom prefixes you want to track and the values are the labels associated with those prefixes. These labels can be either a single string or an array of strings. For example: